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Thank you for recognizing the CHS teachers for Teacher Appreciation week.  Being a teacher is a gift in itself. However, it's so kind of someone to notice and show appreciation to us.  I've already eaten the cupcake (yum) and with the help of my teenage daughters, I will be enjoying all the gift cards and goodies.  Again, thank you for the gifts. I am very grateful for your generosity and thought.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your staff who made your services available to the Lake City Police Department on Tuesday, May 12th.  The free surface wipe down and microbial misting you provided for all first responder vehicles to help keep us safe during this COVID-19 pandemic was so in keeping with SERVPRO's outreach to this Department.  Your company is one of the local businesses with whom I feel we have a working relationship assisting one another making our community a better place to live, work, play and visit.  

Kim Nicholson, thank you for your kind and generous acknowledgement of the CHS Teachers and staff today. We appreciate you. Joe and Anne Marie

Steven & Keith,

I want to "Thank you" for cleaning my carpets.   (I was the winner of the drawing at Christmas on The Square).  That was a real surprise.  I have told several people in Live Oak.  Many were just like me and had never heard of your company, but they have now!

I could not believe the difference it made.  Again, "Thank you".  The timing was just right for my holiday company.  The family room carpet looked new once again!  Ask Keith!

Like I always say, Three ways to advertise:


Television and 

Tell a Female!

Much success in the new year!


Christa & I were sitting around this weekend talking about what a great time we had at The Players.  I just wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed it and we could not have had such a good time if it were not for you.  Thank you for all of your hospitality and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Dear SERVPRO,  Thank you so much for sponsoring me for cheer!  I really appreciate it and without your help I wouldn't be able to do the sport I love!  Love, Spencer


Thank you so much for your gracious support of the Pregnancy Care Center Ministry.  Your financial gift will be used to help save lives.  We are so grateful you could attend our event.  Many Blessings,

Stephanie Lunde, Board Member

Kim & Chuck, We had such a great time at TPC over the weekend and we wanted to extend our appreciation.  Thank you for inviting us to go this year.  We are sorry we didn't get to see Chuck but we hope that your new place brings you joy and excitement for a new year!  Have a fantastic week!  Many blessings, John & Joanne

This SERVPRO has employees that donate numerous hours of their time to help our local community in so many areas. They volunteer for the Relay for Life here and work diligently towards making Columbia County a better place to live!! The March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy (1 was the 2nd top individual fundraiser two years ago), deliver backpacks to a school 20 miles away in Columbia County each Friday and the list goes on. This is a strong community based business and I am glad they are here!